My name is Taylor DiPlacido and I am currently on track to graduate from Ohio University in May of 2018. At OU, I spend my days studying Visual Communications: Interactive inside the Scripps School working to expand my design skills, taking my camera out for little photography dates and getting into some tom foolery with my friends.

I have successfully completed three internships thus far in my career at The Adcom Group, Auxiliaries and Marketing through Ohio University and The Greater Cleveland Partnership. I am continuing my last internship at the partnership into my senior year where I will be doing up to 15 hours of work a week for them. Through these adventures, I learned valuable design techniques, gained experience working with and designing for clients, built up teamwork skills, expanded brainstorming capabilities and developed relationships with co-workers. I am so grateful to have had these opportunitities with these companies because of how much I have learned, the confidence I have gained and the relationships I built. 

I am not perfect at everything I do. I run into rough patches when it comes to designing and sometimes my photo’s come out blurry. But there’s so much to learn, so much to see, so much to try. To me, every day, every design, every photo, is a new experience and I look forward to what comes next.